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Sometimes one wonders what made your picnics so special when you were young. There is this enthusiasm of the age with you but consider the picnics alone or with one or two friends. Will that be equally fun? No way! The magic is the company. Age is anyhow when you travel in a group; the magic is different. As students or collegians, you had more fun because you always traveled in a group. It can be done even now. Then it was on motorbikes together or in two or three cars. But the fun is extra if you travel together in a single vehicle. After all, life is not about arriving at all; it is about discovering and the journey.

Various Sizes of Coaches Available are available across St Albans

We often love going on group picnics, college trips, family tours, and summer trips like attending a wedding at a distant location. It is most convenient to stick together on all these occasions and situations since you are beginning from the same place and your destination is the same. Being together is fun and makes the trip enjoyable and memorable, no matter how short, big, or long. There are various sizes of coaches available. Depending on how many members you are, you can choose your coach rental. Thus you can also travel without having to worry about your luggage and its safety. Some offer service to a specific area. So before you decide on the coach rental check with the agency if the area and the route covered also include your destination.

Option of the Driver

We offer coach rental service with an option of the driver. So if you love to drive alone, you can make your tour even more exciting by asking for a coach rental without a driver. On the other hand, if you are new to the country of place, it is always better to ask our coach to rent a driver, as you can also relax and see the places, and not take the wrong route. The privacy option allows you to have your own space if you wish. The glasses can be sunlight proof, keeping you away from harsh light if desired. Our luxury coach hires come with bathroom service.

Plush Bathroom with a Beautiful Ambiance

So you don’t have to wait for your coach to reach the next hotel for you to use the restroom. A plush bathroom with a beautiful ambiance is a luxury and a home away from home. With comfortable seats and lighting, our luxury coach rental offers all the entertainment anyone could ask for. Our coach rental comes with a plasma screen for watching TV or DVDs, playing stations, gaming, etc. the sound system is equally sophisticated. Besides, you can have your retiring and sleeping space, where you can stretch your leg to relax. In addition, our luxury coach rental can offer a bar counter, fridge, and dining space.

Our coach hire service is often chosen by business people who choose this way to conduct meetings and save time to cover the distance. Thus, when time is money, they do not waste time too. In addition, some chose this as the best way to relax in between reaching destinations. Our coaches are designed mainly to suit the person’s professional needs. But, above all, traveling by our coach hire is also the best way to make your trip hassle-free. Most people find managing children one of the most challenging tasks on any trip. The new place and uncomfortable journey worsen them, adding to their crankiness.

Hiring a coach also makes it easy for you and the child; it’s as cozy as home. You can keep them entertained with games and cartoons and have the other facilities at their beck and call. Thus, you can make any long trip a perfect leisure trip with our coach hire. Our coach hire service offers different types of coaches to interested parties. The list generally begins with primary coaches and continues to include luxury coaches, caravans, palaces on wheels, and customized coaches. In such a situation, one could find in-depth information on the internet about the amenities offered for coach hire and follow it up with an educated choice.

We have fully equipped vehicles with rooms with furniture, almost like a caravan. These are ideal if you are traveling long distances and in a group. You could park these vehicles in the parking lots for the nights. The parking lots are equipped too with bathrooms and tents and fire etc. You can do small camping there. Many discounts could be availed while opting for our coach hire, which could take the shape of loyalty rebates, recommendations, or cutbacks offered through coupons. So what is stopping you from our coach hire? Just go for it and enjoy full-fledged with a group of your choice. We are really offering the best services worldwide.

Here are the diverse coaches in our fleet and the services they have. So you can find the one that will perfectly suit your requirements.

  • 16-seat coaches
  • 57-seat coaches
  • 8-passenger people carrier
  • 29-seat coaches
  • 36/41-seat midi executive coaches
  • 35-seat platinum class coaches
  • 49-seat executive coaches
  • 53-seat coaches

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