Our Acrylic Terrestrial Cages are built to house more ground space, so your arachnid may have more room to walk or jump around. A perfect home for many different animals such as geckos, snakes, terrestrial dwelling tarantulas, frogs, etc. Reptile Basics is a leading retail and wholesale supplier of hard to find reptile supplies and caging. i am building a 7'x4'x3' cage for my soon to be massive burmese. It doesn’t matter if it’s an acrylic reptile cage or an aluminum cage. I got it second hand, and while not a great cage, it will do in the meantime. PVC pipe and plastic mesh (or wire mesh covered in plastic) is a good plan for a cage that can be rolled outdoors on warm days. 5 , it does not come with a shelving option. is there something that you could suggest to use that would be cheaper, but hold humidity and heat as good as the plexiglass. I have a cheapy PVC cage that is a divided ~4x2x1. Buy a Snake Cage or Reptile Cage including Boa Cages, Carpet Python Cage, Green Tree Python Cage, Jungle Carpet Python Cage, Reptile Cage, Plastic Cage, cages, Reptile Cage, Reptile Supplies, Reptile, Reptiles, Snake Cage, Ball Python Cage, Red Tail Boa Cage, King Snake Cage. Most cage manufactures use Plexiglas or Acrylic which will scratch, warp and become hazy   Black Acrylic Breeding Tank with Magnetic Locking Lid 300x200x150mm. Our cages are well constructed, durable, easy to clean and stackable. There are 289 plexiglass reptile cages suppliers, mainly located in Asia. 20ga. 1/2" space at bottom of cage for a heating pad. . Our bird cages include the manzanita, or ribbonwood, or grapewood, or acrylic perches. Quick View Small Split Opening Arboreal Tarantula/Bug Cage. Also including multiple air vents on the side that prevent air-tunneling and being built with a top side lid to allow for easy access to your arachnid and its habitat. A&E CAGE Company 001461 Dragon Wood Perch Natural 18, DIYthinker Shrimp Marine Life Black Illustration Anti-Slip Floor Pet Mat Square Home Kitchen Door 80Cm Gift , Buckle-Down Flying Mallards Black Martingale Dog Collar, 1. We offer Custom PVC Reptile Cages & Custom PVC Reptile Enclosures for all your reptile cage needs. Plexiglass   Reptile Emporium Acrylic Displays · Call us on Tarantula Cage 16" - Arboreal. com has a wide collection of similar bird cages. The bottoms of their cages are lined in plexiglass (although they are all pretty good at using their litter boxes to go potty!) and I added a higher lip on all the shelves to catch any bedding they may fall when you open the doors. Approx 14 gallons Size: 21 X 13 H X 12W Material: 1/4 Clear Acrylic. Quick View  The official website and online store for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing from Animal Planet's Hit TV Show, TANKED! bird cages designed and built with acrylic, wood and metal. I am thinking of using 1/4" acrylic sheets as the doors (if you think glass would be better please let me know, or another material?). In this way, if you ever need to separate your reptiles, you can do so quickly and easily. Glass tanks (enclosure) - from 30 x 30 x 30 to 120 x 60 x 60cm. Also consider how often you will need to clean the cage. Our modern state-of-the-art cages are the next generation in cage design and materials. For reptile cages along the same lines, visit acrylicreptilecages. While these two building materials  Reptile Enclosures and Plastic Cages made by Lorex Plastics. Your reptile needs to be able to adjust its position inside the terrarium in the same way, seeking heat  Zoo Med Repti Therm Reptile Under Tank Heater at PetSmart. However, Plexiglas or glass will get too hot inside from the greenhouse effect, so plan to keep a Plexiglas or glass enclosure indoors. Plastic; Screen Reptile Cages; Screen Tops; Exo Terra Cabinet Stands; Wood Enclosures; Tools of the Trade; Water Conditioning; Turtle Supplies; Water Features The snakes were maintained individually in appropriately sized ABS plastic reptile cages (Neodesha Plastics; Neodesha, KS). All American Cages and Custom Enclosures is a family owned business specializing in reptile cages, husbandry supplies, and other reptile-related products. Use authentic Powerhouse PVC cages with the assurance that your Reptile will be safe and healthy in their enclosure. May 06, 2011 · The cage is made of Plexiglas and melamine board with a wire mesh top. I assume 2x2x1 will not be large enough for these snakes as adults? If not, what will be the proper cage dimensions? The rat snake actually never hides and really seems interested it what's going on outside of his tub. Buy Welltobuy Transparent Reptile Box Acrylic Reptile Breeding Tanks Terrarium for Lizard Spider Snake Frog 29cm X 19. Featuring snap on lids and top door access to make retrieving your reptile easy. A reptile cage must do more than keep your reptile inside. To do this, we use a zoo quality non-toxic epoxy on the entire interior of the reptile cage. Condition: Good - letgo We have brand new reptile enclosures plastic, light weight and easy to clean and heat. If you need a cage or rack made for a specific tub, please give us a call or send us an email. Buy Wholesale Reptile Plastic Enclosures For Sale at Bulk Prices! Wooden Enclosures. Plexiglass reptile cages products are most popular in North America, Eastern Europe, and Central America. We have standard cages for a wide variety of species. 15 $ 12 . Still all PVC is attacked by the extremists whose claims are all debunked by numerous National and International governing bodies the world over. I went to the hardware store nearly a dozen times to research pricing, wood, plexi, glass, etc and decided on melamine wood for the sides/back because it is waterproof, mold/mildew resistant, easy to clean, and people have used it successfully in reptile cages. HerpCult terrariums are sturdy, sleek and easy to clean. Then I proceeded to paint it. ABS cages are ultra lightweight, but extremely durable. They come fully assembled and made out of recycled plastic. 3 Look at the frame of any Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Habitat Background Gothic that you want to buy. Large lizard cage. e. We are also a breeder of bearded dragons, redfoot tortoises and chameleons. The more reptiles you keep, the bigger your custom cage must be. Incubators, hide boxes, trap boxes, racks, bases and others have been made for our cages. And unlike wood, fiberboard and melamine cages, our cages are resistant to mold, can not rot or have mite infestation, and have built-in UV light protection and chemical resistance. Experience the thrill of swimming alongside a 5m + saltwater crocodile! Marvel at their  16 Oct 2019 Plastic and Acrylic (aka Plexiglas): There are several plastics used to make reptile cages including ABS, Acrylics and HDPE. You may order small cages or big cages. These kritter keeper type plastic terrariums are durable and easy to clean. It’s also important to remember that, as some herps continue to grow, so will their reptile terrarium space requirements. 5 is a good bit extra height in a cage. Since then, we have focused our attention on creating unique reptile cages for small exotics, specifically reptiles. Reptile cages, Reptile Rack systems, Reptile Incubators, Reptile Show Displays and much more. Plastic Reptile Cage Breeding Habitat lizard Snake Frog Spider Box Case Bin. Buy Wholesale Reptile Screen Cages For Sale at Bulk Prices! Plastic Enclosures. Free shipping. ** Boaphile Plastics uses “closed cell PVC” in its cages. **Can NOT be used with any cage model that has a center support (like the Vision 332, 415, 422, 432, 600, 633 & 632). Glass Reptile Enclosures Glass herp tanks are a time-proven standard. Question. The lamp will warm one end of the snake's cage, thereby creating a thermal Can you place a heat lamp on top of plexiglass or does the plexiglass have  Come face to face with the World's largest reptile in the Cage of Death. 00. 99. RACKS & CAGES. Fish tanks, wood cages, particle board, fiberboard, and melamine cages, use to be your only choice for your reptiles. Black; Size 300 x 200 x 150mm; Advanced Magnetic  This doesn't help your reptile any. ** Now Aliexpress provides large wide range of high-qualtiy but cheap price reptile cages for different users. Repite Breeding Cage Manufacturer After long-term research and development test, designe a series of suitable Reptile Feeding Tweezers, Repite Breeding Cage, Breeding Box, Portable Turtle Tank for different amphibians to meet the different needs of different pets on the space and provide a comfortable living environment for pets. 16 watching. T-10: 4X2X15 cage with the basics = 345. Waterproof Interior  Every reptile enclosure, snake enclosure, and frog enclosure we build is 100% percent waterproof. It can be fitted with a hardwood frame, built along the outside edge out of reach of your birds. My cages are designed to hold in precious humidity, while providing adequate ventilation, security, and quality that will last throughout your pet's life. Part of the top is covered by Plexiglas to help keep the humidity in. Add to Cart.  A PVC Cage can be combined to make a stack of enclosures for an impressive presentation of cages, snake cages, reptile cages, and when combined with high-quality reptile supplies your reptile will thrive. The easiest way to clean a chameleon’s cage is to have a hard, flat, plastic liner of some sort on the bottom. A wide variety of plexiglass cages options are available to you, such as reptiles, birds, and small animals. This is chemically not even the same product targeted and misleadingly accused of being dangerous to our health. If your sofa is squeaking, that's a sign the boards aren't thick enough. The new cutting-edge design of our Jungle Bob Plastic breeder boxes and Herp Cult Acrylic terrariums are sure to WOW your reptile hobbyist friends, while providing above satisfactory husbandry for your reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates! Made with durable, hard to wear acrylic. Reptile Basics cages are back!   Our cages feature: Stacking disks to make stacking and locking cages together truly easy Recess under the cage for heat tape and thermostat probe Top quality hardware for great appearance, functionality and durability- No hardware store hinges here! Alibaba. Acrylic cages are made of a strong, durable material, and can be custom made to fit the needs of any bird or reptile. A plastic rubbermaid or food container works well. A wide  How To Build An Acrylic Enclosure - sSNAKESs : Reptile Forum. chameleons) or glass terrariums (i. 68. Sliding cage lock for sliding glass door cages. In addition to our line of Reptile and Arboreal Cages, we will custom manufacture almost any size Cage or Enclosure to your Specifications. Used Reptile Cage for sale in Elmira - Reptile Cage posted by Joel burke in Elmira. 3 4 Grids Acrylic Reptile Tank Pet Pet Pet Insect Spiders Lizard Breeding Box Cage House 0e2 Il 25esimo capitolo del celebre franchise dovrebbe arrivare nelle sale nell'aprile 2020 di Ambient Lounge XL Deluxe - Lettino per Cani con Copertura igienica Lavabile in Finta Pelliccia e Base Impermeabile , 21 Febbraio 2019 PVC pipe and plastic mesh (or wire mesh covered in plastic) is a good plan for a cage that can be rolled outdoors on warm days. Reptile caging to fit your reptile caging needs including PVC Racks, PVC Snake caging, Screen caging and more! Trapezoid. Acrylic Door/Lid Supplies · Glass Terrariums · Plastic · Screen Reptile Cages. Acrylic cages are clean and easy to turn into a beautiful, comfortable habitat. The T-10 measures 4X2X15 and does come with a shelving option and, quite frankly, 3. By using half- or three-quarter-inch hardwood or plastic panels in the construction of the box, you can avoid having to build a frame for all but the largest cages. – Main body is Heat Bent with a Hinged full width Lid. Product Compare (0) Plastic reptile cages are lightweight. We have 14 photos about Plastic Reptile Cages including images, pictures, models, photos, and more. Acrylic aquariums are clear! Any blue plastic you see is merely a protective sheet that can be easily pealed off. Each panel is laser cut and welded together with a solvent adhesive. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, logo, black and white, transparent, etc. Promotional Items. Sit and bounce around a bit on the sofa while you're in the store to check for squeaks. Do not use on wood, plastic, acrylic or any other type of terrarium except those made of glass. com offers 866 acrylic reptile cages products. In 2008 we averaged over 60 tanks per week. My current setup is two 150watt infrared heat lamps that stay on 24/7, two heat pads on warm side, and a 50watt intense basking bulb. Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal! Check out our reptile community! Constrictors Northwest Ultra Fine Constrictors Plastic Reptile Cages You are searching for is usable for you. And the Size and Dimension Depends  Enclosures. Keep the lid on and cut a hole in the side of the container large enough for your reptile to get through. Plastic tubs-. Starting at: £24. Buy low price, high quality acrylic terrarium with worldwide shipping on S/L Size Reptile Tank Insect Spiders Tortoise Lizard Acrylic Transparent Breeding Box  26 Sep 2017 Glass or acrylic? The kind of material to be used is the first big decision to make when selecting a terrarium. All Products. Acrylic Tarantula Enclosure Arachnoboards - See photos, information and a video showing a technique similar to that which a member used to put together a nice acrylic enclosure for their Poecilotheria regalis. Construction: All glued and polished edges. Gift Sets. Drinkware. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of plexiglass reptile cages respectively. Standard ABS reptile cages are made from 1/8" ABS plastic sheet and clear acrylic. Acrylic aquariums up to and including 135 gallons have rounded front corners. Kinds of discount price is waiting for your selection! Besides you can find the hot reptile cages products and popular brands of reptile cages like Let’s Pet , PETFORU , Meigar , TOPINCN now! 3mm Terrestrial Acrylic Cages. Tropical reptiles can live in either mesh screened cages (i. 49 to $55. Featured Products. I can easily carry it by myself, if I need to relocate it for any reason. 00USD shipped per unit on the high end of shipping and not on sale. It must provide it a safe, comfortable home and allow your reptile to enjoy his natural behaviors. ** Your first blog post! Welcome to your blog! A blog is a great place to share details on your … Professional Caging for Professional Breeders, Reptile Breeding Systems, Rodent Breeding Systems, Acrylic Vendor Displays ARS Caging Acrylic 3 Tier Show Displays 12220 Southeastern Ave, Building #3, Indianapolis, Indiana 46259 May 17, 2019 · The materials you choose for the cage will depend on your budget and the needs of your reptile. We are passionate about these animals & feel they deserve the best home possible. 3d Painting for a Reptile Cage. Our custom PVC reptile enclosures ship out in 5-10 business days. $285 each. Laminated heat pads, affixed to the underside of each cage at one end, provided thermal gradients within the enclosures, thereby allowing the snakes to thermoregulate … Return Document Baby Spiderling Container. Some features of Front Loading Reptile Cages include a removable Drawer for easy cleaning, lift out front panel that lowers into rabbit notch at base for a very secure closure. Acrylic Lockable Hasp included. , Ltd. To help you get a better handle on all the options that are floating your way, let’s briefly go over the type of materials that are available when ordering large reptile cages. I would not be able to do that with a wood or glass enclosure of that size. Plastic tubs can be used for a temporary reptile enclosure, plastic tubs can also be used for reptile transportation. Vertical Screen Reptile / Chameleon Cages - Perfect for Chameleons and Other Arboreal Species of Lizards and Snakes Horizontal Screen Reptile Cages Perfect for reptiles that need more horizontal surface area. Also, various  Heat for reptiles isn't just for comfort — it's for survival. You can decrease this loss by covering half, but no more than that, of the cage top with some water proof material. PVC Enclosures. Many have housed their Reptiles and Snakes in Reptile Terrariums. They hold heat and humidity very well and are very easy to clean. u are responsible to load. The cages are built with CNC machined grooves and are constructed using one sheet of thermo-formed PVC for durability and strength. Acrylic cages are tougher than glass enclosures, and more comfortable than metal bird cages. Kages is a Minnesota based company offering high quality & affordable PVC reptile cages. Accessories. Nov 18, 2013 · The Boaphile 421D measures 4X2X11. There have been many inquires on the forums and to me about cages, paints, sealants, wiring, lighting and many other things to be considered when housing herps. Each type of cage will require slightly different cleaning methods. Consider building your enclosure on wheels to make moving it easier. 09. Perfect for when keeping Stick insects or to keep frogs. The needs of reptiles vary according to species, and. Glass reptile tanks can be used for all reptile species. I would like to use the sliding door method for this opening. Signage  In this context, I'm talking about the type of glass tank that has a screen lid on the top. Snake Cage and Reptile Cage at PVC Cages. Cages are water tight . We build reptile cages out of PVC plastics. I have a plastic enclosure that is 4′ x 2′ x 2′. 866 products Alibaba. Professional Caging for Professional Breeders, Reptile Breeding Systems, Rodent Breeding Systems, Acrylic Vendor Displays ARS Caging Acrylic 3 Tier Show Displays 12220 Southeastern Ave, Building #3, Indianapolis, Indiana 46259 Your first blog post! Welcome to your blog! A blog is a great place to share details on your … Monster Cages are thermo-welded or plastic welded for strength. Flexwatt or similiar type pads (you supply) can be used to heat, if desired. The cages are both nailed and screwed together, each has 3 double pet proof screened windows, flex watt heat tape, controlled by one thermostat, I've never had to set it at more than low to keep all 3 cages warm. They can be stacked five cages high without bowing, and are waterproof and fire retardant. Unless you have experience working with acrylic and glass, buy pre-cut panels. Displays. $135. Perfor. com offers 594 plexiglass cages products. Was: Previous Price $57. 4ft long by 30 " deep x 13" highLebanon Junction, ky 40150 is location. It's a horror-thriller called Purgatory , and it's available now through Amazon If you stumbled across this blog post, it’s probably because you’re looking for veiled chameleons for sale online. Terrariums, Cages, and Housing. Tanks with sliding screen tops are the most common, but there are also nice all-glass enclosures with front-opening doors, and they’re designed to accept most fixtures, such as lights, pump tubing and electrical cords. The choice is yours. I have been looking around but can't seem to find a good sliding track. We've been online since 1994. Jworlds is a small family business that has been running since 1997. About 76% of these are Pet Cages, Carriers & Houses, 2% are Other Pet Products. We are a professional acrylic furniture factory custom design top quality acrylic plexiglass bird cages hamster reptile tanks with reasonable price and best service, welcome to inquire! Ula006 Clear Acrylic Reptile Cage Plastic Pet Cage Wholesale Plexiglass Cage , Find Complete Details about Ula006 Clear Acrylic Reptile Cage Plastic Pet Cage Wholesale Plexiglass Cage,Acrylic Reptile Cage,Plexiglass Cage,Acrylic Pet Cage from Pet Cages, Carriers & Houses Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Hotsun Display Products Co. Most are in stock and ready to ship no need to wait a month or two for a stock cage or rack Custom orders are welcomed, minimum quantity required. Acrylic Door/Lid Supplies; Cages, and Housing. Your first blog post! Welcome to your blog! A blog is a great place to share details on your … We use: Acrylic, Plate Glass, or Low-Iron Glass Thicknesses from 1/8" to 3/4" Large custom glass aquariums(in widths of 24"-30"-36"-48" or almost any size available for large tanks) can be ordered. About 68% of these are pet cages, carriers & houses, 1% are animal cages. Searching for affordable Cage Isolation Fish Tank in Home & Garden, Aquariums & Tanks, Cleaning Tools? Buy high quality and affordable Cage Isolation Fish Tank via sales on Cage Isolation Fish Tank. Easy to clean. We also carry a variety of reptile supplies at great prices! Boaphile Plastics builds 50 different sized cages for nearly every need! Over more than 14 years we have now built tens of thousands of cages and racks for all kinds of Reptile and Amphibian keepers all around the World. The Semi Elite is a high class furniture quality enclosure that will stand up to any reptile you have! All condos have big sliding glass doors on the front, for a great view of your animals, also this allows for easy access when handling or clean up after them. Acrylic Aquariums can be used as aquariums OR sump tanks. Reptile Emporium Acrylic Displays - We Ship Nationwide!, San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140 - Rated 5 based on 3 Reviews "We received our 3 tier displays (3) Plexiglass too expensive for large cage . Generally speaking, they are much lighter than their glass or wood counterparts. These plastic, clear tank dividers are great for dividing babies in terrariums, frogs, or animals that won't bother each other. Plexiglass too expensive for large cage. When creating a 3d painting or bakground for a reptile cage you'll want to protect it by using a product such as foam coat. A simple rectangular box, fitted with a hinged transparent door, makes a good reptile cage. Water can even be added directly into the cage. Boaphile Plastics builds 50 different sized cages for nearly every need! Over more than 14 years we have now built tens of thousands of cages and racks for all kinds of Reptile and Amphibian keepers all around the World. Animal Plastics can manufacture custom cages and racks. In recent years, Lorex has developed its own line of quality reptile cages, I just got my new 45 gallon custom acrylic tank last night, all i can say is WOW! Lexan, or polycarbonate, is vastly different than acrylic sheeting. The high quality indoor acrylic reptile cages Custom Cages manufactures are dependable and highly customized exactly to the needs of the customer. Place sphagnum moss, coconut husk, or other substrate in the container and wet until uniformly damp. com For information on replacement trays, click here. Our preferred medium is ABS and Acrylic, but we have experience with most other commonly used cage-building materials. Oct 30, 2019 · HEEPDD Reptile Breeding Box, Transparent Plastic Ventilated Feeding Box Reptile Cage Hatching Container for Turtle Lizard Spider Scorpion $12. 6cm X 15cm at Amazon UK. The board should at least be an inch thick or more. 15 FREE Shipping Most species prefer to be left within their glass reptile terrariums or other types of housing, it is vital that their cages and habitats are spacious enough for them to fully stretch out and climb, swim, or slither. If you are planning to keep an entire colony of reptiles, you will need large acrylic reptile cages. Cages are typically made using screen or mesh, plastic or wooded, or acrylic or glass boxes. In these place, we also have variety of photographs available. 5 Wide-Fits 16-23 Neck-Medium, Hey, Reptile Nation: Brandon Cornett, creator of the Reptile Knowledge website, just published his first novel. 4 Grids Acrylic Reptile Tank Pet Pet Pet Insect Spiders Lizard Breeding Box Cage House 0e2 Il 25esimo capitolo del celebre franchise dovrebbe arrivare nelle sale nell'aprile 2020 di Ambient Lounge XL Deluxe - Lettino per Cani con Copertura igienica Lavabile in Finta Pelliccia e Base Impermeabile , 21 Febbraio 2019 The cages have been poly urethaned. $14. Cheapest enclosures at one store. With engineering and some creativity we have made cages up to 16 foot long. The Exo Terra Faunarium is an easy to use stackable plastic all-purpose terrarium for reptiles, amphibians, mice and arachnids and insects. Since 2007, I have been making handmade acrylic enclosures specifically designed for the tarantula/arachnid hobby. Top Rated Plus. certain gecko species and certain iguana species). I am building a reptile enclosure, it has a front opening of 3'x3'. These older designs are delicate and can be easily damaged by moisture and everyday use. Reptile Cages, Snake Cages, Iquana Cages, Plastic Cages, Bearded Dragon Cages, Cage, Cages, Enclosures, Reptile Cage, Reptile, Reptiles, Reptile Supplies, Snake Cage Nobody knows your bird's cage or bird cage requirement for a bird cage except you; that is why we ask you to help design the acrylic bird cage that's right for your bird. They are not meant for larger animals, or animals that get stressed when seeing each other. Guinea pig cages are often found with multi-level designs and can be created for indoor or outdoor use. storm window linings; Animal and reptile enclosures; Fish tanks and aquariums; Light fixtures  29 Jun 2018 There's a Variety of Reptile Tanks on The Market. I used acrylic paint in various colors to -in this case- create a south western scene of different rock formations. Ideal View full details Small Plastic reptile cages are great for housing reptiles and amphibians or for transporting them. Enjoy exclusive discounts and free global delivery on Cage Isolation Fish Tank at AliExpress. i am looking for some ideas for the siding, top and bottom of the cage. Similarly, hamster cages with built in tunnels and exercise wheels can be a great way to keep your pet healthy and active. Reptiles For Sale including snakes, lizards & amphibians plus hundreds of Reptile Supplies for Sale. Safe Paints and Sealants for Reptile Enclosures Since I'm having an absolutely confuzzling time finding anything non-toxic to seal my reptile displayer with, I figured I'd create a thread where (hopefully) people can post what brand name paints/sealers they have used successfully in both displayers and enclosures so that we all can use this as Hamster cages with multiple levels can encourage more activity from your furry friend. ( another major problem with wood, particle board, fiberboard, and melamine cages ). All enclosures with a pond area in them have a fiberglass bottom so you will never have to worry about leaks. Constructed from high impact plastic, Lightweight, yet very sturdy. acrylicbirdcages. It is also a good idea to find an acrylic reptile cage that has dividers. i am looking for some ideas for the siding,  resulting in a premium line of State-of-the-Art Reptile Cages board, fiberboard, and melamine cages, use to be your only choice for your reptiles. And Each one Offers a Different Size, and Dimension. All condos have vents on the back wall for air circulation. 4 product ratings 4 product ratings - ARD 1224 ARBOREAL 15 GALLON ACRYLIC CAGE- WITH DOOR ,TARANTULA, REPTILES, FROG Sliding cage lock for sliding glass door cages. A Seamless One-Piece Design means Our Cages Can Not Leak. Caring For Bearded Dragons Must Know Tips For Owners Reptile Basics is a leading retail and wholesale supplier of hard to find reptile supplies and caging. Acrylic Door/Lid Supplies; Quarantine/Temporary Enclosures; Screen Reptile Cages; Screen Tops; Exo Terra Large Reptile Cages. Reptile cages, racks, electrical and water bowls Cages and Racks, Now And Over The Years. i was thinking of using plexiglass but it is real expensive. Text me for more information and pricing. Acrylic Awards. plexiglass reptile cages